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"The Keep" - Best spot on Bald Head Island

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4 bedrooms | 3.5 bath

5 Old Baldy Ct., Bald Head Island, NC 28461

4 BR, 3.5 BA, 2300 sf forest bungalow on quiet cul de sac walking distance to creek access, west beach and ferry (no tram needed!)
Completely renovated with new bathroom, appliances, paint in/outside, gym, storage, 3 carts, 5 bikes, all the beach/fishing gear and much more.

Had it for 5 years and love being there but can only get down halftime. Ready to sell 40-50% to thoughtful partner(s) with good co-owner agreement and open to flexible scheduling.

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  • 2 shares total
  • 26 weeks a year per share
About the Organizer

We are a soon to be retiring professional couple with 2 adult children (no grandkids yet!) visiting BHI for 30+ yrs. 6 years ago we bought half interest in this home and a year ago we bought the remainder and started upfitting inside and out. We can’t be on island enough and ready to sell a 40 or 50% share to one (preferred) or two coowners. We can be very flexible and creative in scheduling, use, expenses and purchases. We can manage (with partner approval) maintenance, repairs and improvements.(40 yr gen contractor & insurance broker). We are non smokers, and desire no outside renting or pet hair but will discuss. Our cul de sac neighbors are fabulous. There are 24 palms, 5 live oaks and 4 junipers on the .22 acre lot. There is a complete workshop, landscape equipment, storage facilities, and material/supplies/hardware onsite.There are established painted buntings pairs at our feeders. It is walk in and play ready with numerous carts, bikes, Paddle boards, kayaks, houseware, linens and every type fishing/beach gear. With the closest and best view of Old Baldy on the island , the 7 min walk to ferry and even less to west beach or creek access is amazing.There’s much more….

We are looking for a house that includes:
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  • No pets
  • No firearms allowed
  • No short term renting
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"The Keep" - Best spot on Bald Head Island
Bald Head Island, NC
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